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Immortals comprises multiple related projects. The first is a chapbook of found poems based upon a corrupted PDF of two related Dungeons & Dragons products written by Frank Mentzer and published by TSR in 1986: the DM’s Guide to Immortals was part of the Set 5: Immortals Rules expansion box set, a rules compendium used for players who had reached the maximum character level and had ascended to near-deity status; the The Immortal Storm was an adventure module used in conjunction with those rules.

In 2013, those poems became the basis for a custom letterpress artist book (edition of 30) designed and printed by students of the VCUarts Bowe House Press under the creative direction of Professor Jamie Mahoney—Harding Coughter, Sam Curtis, Kassy Edwards, David Jones, Matt Klein, Lige Lu, Lauren Puga, Gwen Stinger, and Shelby Thompson. The book's design formally echoes its content, drawing on the symmetrical sides of polyhedral dice used in roleplaying games. The poems are reconfigured as intersecting paths of text that may be reassembled at random.

All photos below courtesy of Sam Curtis.

  • Year: 2012-14
  • Media: Mixed

Immortals letterpress book
Top view of the book box
Immortals letterpress book
Open box view of the book within
Immortals letterpress book
Side/bottom view
Immortals letterpress book
Book description