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Endless Albers Exhibition

PICO-8 is a 'fantasy console' modeled after PCs and consoles of the 8-bit era.Designed for slim, constrained games and software demos, PICO-8 allows for quick development with a distinctive look and sound.

Endless Albers Exhibition is a program inspired by 2016's Screensaver Jam. I used PICO-8's 128x128-pixel resolution and 16-color palette to auto-generate 'endless' variations of Josef Albers' famous painting, 'Homage to the Square,' based on four proportional layouts he designed. This gallery game can be left to idle indefinitely, generating new digital painting every few seconds.

Play Endless Albers Exhibition online for free.

  • Year: 2016
  • Media: Videogame
  • Hardware: n/a
  • Software: PICO-8

Endless Albers title screen
Detail of the title screen
A generated Homage
A generated Homage