The Legend of Zelda Cold Run: Session 7

Wherein I continue to hate the Wizzrobes of Level-6

I have reached an impasse.

Level-6 continues to be a bastard. Even with full health, a magic shield, and an upgraded sword, the long string of rooms with spitting gargoyles and blue/orange wizards proves difficult. The one time I make it past the trickiest room (filled with wizards, shield-stealing Like Likes, and sword-stealing bubble-whatevers), I run into mid-level boss Gleeok. The balance breaks down at this point. The wizards are too powerful for Link’s current level and Zelda’s combat is too fidgety and digital to make the precise movements necessary to dodge their spells.

This room is hateful.
This room is hateful.

After a few failed attempts, I decide to experiment with the flute’s non-combat uses. In the overworld, playing a tune summons a small whirlwind that whisks Link to one of the previously-visited dungeon entrances, presumably at random. Though the game pauses briefly when the flute plays, you can dodge the whirlwind after you’ve summoned it. I don’t know if this has a strategic purpose, but it’s a nice touch. If you’ve mistakenly equipped the whistle when you thought you had, say, the boomerang, it’s helpful to be able to avoid a mistimed voyage.

I recall from childhood that one of the auspicious lakes in the forest contains a hidden dungeon, revealed by the whistle. Sure enough, Level-7 is hidden beneath the lake, so I opt to skip my problem dungeon and explore within. Level-7 is a bit of a remix level, combining enemies and bosses from prior dungeons, while adding the Moldorm, a ‘huge worm’ that looks like a string of fireballs from Super Mario Bros. Otherwise, the level focuses heavily on secret passages. As I reach sealed rooms, I end up bombing multiple walls. Thankfully, there’s another bomb upgrade here, so I can now carry sixteen total.

Oh, and apparently there’s a secret in the tip of the nose. Noted.

I call them boogers.
I call them boogers.

I eventually recover the compass and head toward the level’s northwest side. Here I reach a blockade: the infamous enemy who stands in the old man’s customary spot, saying, ‘GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE.’ I know I need to feed him bait (his stomach is grumbling, get it?), but I don’t have any in my inventory, so I head back to the overworld.

I return to Level-6. More dying. The shifty blue Wizzrobes are awful.

I reassess my Level-6 strategy. Due to previous exploration, I know there are a few item options that might help me. One hidden shop sells a costly blue ring (250 rubies!) that must offer some defensive benefit for the asking price. I consult the manual and this proves true—the blue ring reduces damage by half. There are also red/blue potions that will restore my health mid-dungeon. I decide to grind a bit to amass some items. After about forty-five minutes, I have the blue ring (and a new magic shield, since I somehow lost my previous one…). At this point, it’s late and I decide to pack it in for this session.

Death count: 24
Triforce count: 5
Session time: 01:15
Total play time: 03:57