I currently record as Circuit Lions. I released my first EP, Fox and Follow, in April 2011. I occasionally post new material/works-in-progress to Soundcloud.

My long-time band is called The Silent Type. It started as an acoustic project around 2000 and has mutated into a number of shifting lineups over the years. In our heyday, we toured the U.S., got signed, practiced like mad, made some albums, fought, and disbanded. We had a blast.

I have assembled yet another new crew and we are currently recording an album. While you wait patiently for that release, you can check out our full-length album from 2005, Of Writing / Of Violence.

Or you might like our 2003 EP, Scarlet and Pure:

FYI, there was once a Philadelphia band called The Silent Type that put out a few records. These have unfortunately been mixed in with our albums on, iTunes, and other music sites. So, if you’re ever looking for our music, we did not write Converger or Hot and Bothered. We thought the mix-up was funny at first, but longterm it has caused a lot of confusion.