It’s pronounced ‘meta-pull.’ I made it up so I get final say.

My name is Nathan Altice, and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I somehow acquired a PhD in Media, Art, and Text (MATX) from Virginia Commonwealth University, so by law you have to address me as ‘doctor.’ At various points I’ve been a college professor, (mediocre) computer programmer, cellphone salesman, (OK) web designer, and (awesome) pizza delivery guy. I write about and/or make videogames, digital and analog media, philosophy, and sound.

I also wrote a book for MIT’s Platform Study series on the Nintendo Family Computer, aka the NES. That book, released in May 2015, is I AM ERROR. Buy it so I can get weirdly rich and lose touch with my humble roots.

This site began in late 2011, but you may notice a few older articles in the archives. I’ve imported those from other older online sources or otherwise tagged them with the date they were written. I’m tidy like that.

I have a lovely wife (Amanda), two indoor cats (Bane and Boots), a 300+ NES game collection (100 boxed), lots of guitars and synthesizers, too many books, and no gallbladder.

You can reach me via Twitter (@circuitlions) or by combining my first and last name at the Google mail.