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Human-Car Affect in The Fast and the Furious

My first foray into Paul Walker studies. Via Twitter, Ian Bogost recently outlined criteria for the ideal 'airplane film,' i.e., a film that can help expedite time's passage while flying. While length plays an obvious factor in 'absorbing time,' as he said, Bogost also emphasized a 'lack of affect' as the ...

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Rule Horizons

The Obstruction In a recent episode of the Giant Bomb podcast, co-host Drew Scanlon brought up a rather bizarre play that happened in Game 3 of the World Series. The game ended with a Cardinals win due to an obstruction call, a rare circumstance that results from a defensive player obstructing ...

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Prêt-à-Jouer and Videogame Couture

What happens when we stop thinking about videogames as cinema and instead think of them through other media, like fashion, dance, or architecture? Note: This paper was originally delivered at the No Show Conference on September 14, 2013. Video of the talk is available online (my bit starts around 20:00 in) ...

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Circuit Bending the Sears Tele-Games Pinball Breakaway

Voiding your Sears warranty from 1977. As a follow-up to yesterday's post about my newly-acquired Tele-Games console, I thought I'd make a short video demonstrating some of the console's circuit bending capabilities. I've only fooled around with toy keyboards before, but the same circuit bending 'rules' apply: open the machine, grab ...

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Sears Tele-Games Pinball Breakaway

In my day, the console *was* the controller. As part of my 'Videogames and Procedural Media' course at VCU, I've been fortunate enough to have been allocated a modest budget to assemble a videogame 'lab' in the Kinetic Imaging department. As part of my videogame history unit, I wanted to find ...

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